Why Join Gethired Network?

Why Join #gethired Network

Why Join #Gethired Network?

#Gethired Networkers enjoy unparalleled professional growth. As India’s fastest growing referral network, #Gethired passed over 1400 Job opportunity updates, referrals, mentorships last 6 months, resulting in more than 3000 professionals benefiting in the career.

Benefits of #Gethired Network:

​By joining #Gethired Network, you’ll increase your reach to like-minded professionals, meet influencers, gain Industry insights, update yourself to recent trends, attract mentorships, gain job referrals from a global network and sharpen your networking skills with exclusive member resources.

Substantially increase your career prospects through job referrals and mentorships.

Access to our exclusive events and workshops to sharpen your presentation and skills.

Participation in up to 48 #Gethired networking meetups per year and increase exposure to many other professionals.

Exclusive #Gethired Member Resources
Receive daily Job updates, job assistance, references, career goals, industry updates, interview tips, Mentorships, articles on Job searches and Networking.

What are the criteria to be a #Gethired Networker?

Currently, #Gethired is limited to MBA- Tier 1-2 institutes and Tech – IIT / NIT/ BITS only. The quality of jobs shared in the community are: Min 8 LPA and suitable to Tier 1/2 ( not 2019 batches)

This group works:

  1. On the traditional barter system, the give and take approach.
  2. We are a bunch of professionals trying to help each other out with our professional career goals
  3. By sharing relevant articles on building skill sets, job openings, professional guidance as well
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