Gethired for Employers

Hiring Made Simple:

  • Post a Job here:
  • Review Candidates: Review candidates from the pool of screened profiles

  • Communicate: Communicate with your candidate, share company details and schedule interview

  • Hire: 100% ROI on time and money spent on hiring

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Special Offer:

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Post a job to 100 free job boards with one submission:
  • Completely free trial, no card required.
  • Reach over 3500 candidates
Know your employees  before you hire them:
  • Ensure that candidates know your company before they apply. Share your company profile, documents, reviews, vision, mission, goal, objective, policies with candidates and discuss one-on-one with candidates before you hire them.
  • The initial “Know your employee” program ensures that employee and employer are on the same page before the hiring process begins.
  • You can also boost your brand to employees.

What’s in for employers in Gethired Global?

  • You get all the Top 20 (80/20 approach) profiles suitable for the role.
  • We screen out all the resumes from the pool of applications (IIM /ISB /IIT/Top institutes) and send you best fit resumes. It not only saves you time but also effort costs.
  • Our networking approach makes sure that you get legitimate and successful candidates with Professional references and success stories.
We don’t source profiles randomly from the database
  • The 30000 odd profiles in Gethired platform are through referrals, professional referrals, MBA Alumni Network, and peer to peer reference.
  • We don’t source resumes rather we connect professionals to employers through the Networking platform.
  • It makes sure that you know the candidate before hiring him/her and you have gone through the background check and professionals references.


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  • 0% COST involved in a background check and reference check since candidates have been sourced through networking
  • 0% COST involved in sourcing inactive resumes since Gethiredglobal has 3500+ active professionals backed by references looking for a better opportunity.
  • 0% TIME spent in rejecting irrelevant resumes since we have candidates perfectly matched for your current requirements
  •  100% return on investment in terms of time and revenue since you get all relevant profiles within the due date
Hire right candidates with the right skills and attitude across top domains
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Consulting
  • HR
  • IT & Systems
  • Operations
  • Legal
  • BPO