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Basically, #Gethired is an innovative platform to connect job seekers with employers. The core concept of #Gethired is a networking based approach. We perform in-depth market research and hand-screen 2749+ job portals/ career sites to find suitable opportunities.

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#Getinformed – 699

Job update at your doorstep for 30 days

#Getreferred – 1299

Sharing job updates with references for 30 days

#Getsocial – 2499

Linkedin and Social Media profile

#Getresume- 4599

Resume , Cover letter , 1 page resume , Visual resume , 2 page CV

#Getthejob-4999 ( Most preferred – 3 months subscription)

Job update

Profile references

Social media profiling

Resume , cover letter , 1 page resume , visual resume , 2 page cv

Prospecting your profile in proper direction and  career opportunities

How Can I avail the Gethired Paid Services?


  • We are not going to get a job for you
  • We are not going to get a resume to shortlist for you
  • We can’t help you get a personal reference to HR/senior leaders
  • We can’t help you get into a promotion or job through personal reference
  • We can’t help you get an internship solely based on contacts and references
  • We are not going to talk to your boss or senior manager for your career growth
  • We are not looking to partner with other businesses
  • We don’t follow up with any recruiter or HR on your behalf
  • We don’t provide any guarantee a job for you. Buying the Gethired services does not mean that you will be guaranteed interview calls or jobs because that rests solely in the hands of the hiring manager
  • We don’t follow up with any recruiter or HR on your behalf and neither we vouch for a personal reference
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